Saturday, May 5, 2018

Week of May 7-11

This is our last full week with a normal schedule.  We will have a lot to cover in this week.
Students should be checking Educate diligently to make sure they have all their work turned in.

5th Grade assignments this week
Monday - Grammar page from Friday - we made corrections and some still need to turn it in.
Monday - Chapters due for book club - check Google classroom lit calendar if not sure.
Tuesday - grammar page from class on Monday
Tuesday - study guide from social studies on Monday
We will choose new spelling words for our final unit on Tuesday
Wednesday - word list due
Wednesday - book club pages
Thursday - Social studies test over chapters 14-15
Thursday - Spelling assignment due
Friday - grammar assignment due
Friday - book club pages

**Book club character book and author essay - This assignment will be given on Tuesday.  It is due next week Tuesday, May 15.  Students will have class time to work on it, and should not wait until the last day or two.  The directions will be posted on Google classroom.

5th grade Language Arts: Literature: We are spending most of our time reading our book club books.  Most groups are completing the pages in class with the time given, but there may still be some outside reading.  We will continue to have daily questions, and journals on google classroom. It is important students complete work on time so they can continue to work with their group.
This week the Character book will be assigned.  Directions will be posted on google classroom.  This project takes some time, and so students should begin working on it immediately and use their open class time to work. We will see if there is time for a group final project for the book.

Spelling/grammar: We will do one more lesson in spelling.  We will pick the words this week and the test will be next week Tuesday.  We will have an assignment this week Wednesday.  We continue to go over grammar skills.  We will be working on classroom as well as through worksheets on these skills.  Students need to make sure they complete them and turn them in on time!!
Writing: We had our author's celebration last week.  Thanks to all of those that made or brought treats to share.  It was very fun.  I am hanging on to the stories in order to grade them.  Students will get a grade based on the writing skills for this genre and a grade based on grammar skills.  A rubric will be attached to the grade.

Social studies: We have completed work on the US Constitution.  The students did metaphor posters based on the 7 principles in the Constitution.  They did a great job.  We have moved on to the Bill of Rights.  We have taken notes on this chapter.  We will complete the study guide Monday - due on Tuesday, and take the test on Thursday.
We will then move on to prepare for our 5th grade field trips.  We will look at the beginnings of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.  We will finish up with Westward expansion.

6th Grade literature: We are in the home stretch.  We have finished our mythology unit.  The Hercules comparison chart is due this week.  We watched the Disney movie in class, and students were to have read the original story and completed the comparison chart.  The assignment is on google classroom.
We have moved on to book clubs.  Each student is in a book club with 1-5 other students.  They are reading a book based on this last genre we studied.  There will be assignments on google classroom each class time that we meet.  Students will also get a great deal of class time to read, however most will need to read outside of school as well to complete their assignments. Students should not fall behind on this last unit - they will not have time to make it up.

Continue to encourage your child to work hard these last weeks.  We will enjoy the time we have left!
Blessings on your week,
Mrs. Brown