Friday, January 12, 2018

Week of January 16-19

What an awesome week we just finished.  We completed a great deal of work and are moving through these units.
As always, I am so excited about the work the students are doing, and their insight to topics we have discussed.

We have a busy four day week ahead. 5th grade has an exciting social studies opportunity on Thursday, January 18th.

5th Grade Assignments

Tuesday:  Spelling assignment - due Thursday
Wednesday:  Grammar assignment - due Thursday
Daily questions -  students will have a series of questions to answer that match the picture book they read that day.  If they do not finish the questions in class, they become homework, due the next day.
Thursday - Spelling test
Friday - Grammar assignment - due Monday 1/22
Friday - Social studies workbook pages 46-48 and 52-54 due.  All of these pages except p.54 were done during class time.  Students will need to double check that they finished them.

5th Grade Language Arts:Literature:  We have begun one of my favorite units.  We are in an Author study, studying Chris Van Allsburg.  Each day, students read one of his picture books, as a group and fill out questions about it.  These are awesome fantasy books, that all contain a greater theme or message.
If students do not complete the questions, or they are absent, they must make up the reading on their own. I am in this week for recess, so it can be done then.
Spelling/Grammar:  We will have a spelling assignment on Tuesday on this week's words.  Please review the words with your child.  The test is on Thursday.
We are working on grammar skills, especially those that affect our writing.  We have been working on plural, and possessive nouns, and will finish this week.  Expect at least 2 graded assignments on this.  We did several practice pages last week.
Writing:  After we finish reading Chris Van Allsburg we will begin some fantasy writing.  We will use a Chris Van Allsburg book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick to base our stories on. We will begin that writing in a week or so.

Social Studies:  We are beginning a very interesting series of chapters in American history.  We have spent the last two weeks, reading about and discussing the origin of slavery in America.  We will continue to touch on this subject as we move on through history.  There will not be a test on this chapter.  We have done workbook pages, discussions and a worksheet.
We will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for our day on Thursday.  We will be reading about Colonial American life.  We will read from our book so that we have some background knowledge before Thursday's activities.
Thursday, January 18: We will begin stations about 12:50.  We will end around 3:00pm.
All 5th graders will be in the dining hall and adjoining rooms for this activity.  They will move between 6 stations, learning different aspects of Colonial life.  At each station, there will be something to make, play or sample.
Come join us for any or all of this event.  I could still use 2-4 parent helpers during this time.


6th Grade Literature:  We have been working with autobiographies and biographies. Last week students were divided into expert groups.  They became an expert on one of the stories and then told that story to a new group.  Now the groups, having heard all the stories, are answering questions about them.  We will finish the questions this week.
We will then move on to two last stories in our Lit book.  We will read an autobiography about the Chinese Cultural Revolution and a fantastic historical fiction story about Pompeii.  Look for assignments on Google classroom for both of these stories.

We have gone over the choices for third quarter book report.  They are posted on Google classroom and on this blog under both 5th and 6th grade literature.  Due dates are posted as well.
Students are given time to read during class.  However, work on the book report will need to be done at home.  This project should take more that one night to complete, and students may begin as soon as they have finished reading the book.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Blessings on your weekend,
Mrs. Brown